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Labs & X-rays

Rapid In-house diagnostic solutions at Visit Health Urgent Care - Van Nuys

Explore our in-house medical diagnostic services

We're proud to offer cutting-edge diagnostic services on-site at our Van Nuys clinic. With our in-house X-rays and labs, we eliminate the need for referrals and long waits, ensuring you get the answers you need promptly.

Technician operating x-ray machine and smiling
X-ray Examination


With our state-of-the-art X-ray technology, we quickly and accurately diagnose fractures, sprains, and other injuries. Our experienced technicians and physicians work seamlessly to provide you with precise results, guiding your treatment plan without delay.

Visit Health Urgent Care in Van Nuys, CA offers a range of family medical services for patients of all ages.

Lab tech testing specimens wearing gloves and face mask

In-house Labs

From blood tests to urine analysis, our in-house lab services expedite the diagnostic process, offering rapid results for a variety of conditions. Whether it's checking for infections or monitoring your health markers, our advanced lab facilities ensure you receive comprehensive care in a timely manner.

Visit Health Urgent Care in Van Nuys, CA offers a range of affordable family medicine and occupational health services for Greater Los Angeles.

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